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Oahu Annual Conference of Catholic Educators 2019

January 4, 2019

Hawaii Catholic School Teachers...SAVE THE DATE!


Oahu Annual Conference of Catholic Educators 2019

“It’s not just joking around…!!!”

Featuring nationally known speaker and anti-bullying expert and advocate

Ms. Jodee Blanco

February 1, 2019

St. Ann Church

46-129 Haiku Rd., Kaneohe

8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


This year, in partnership with a grant from the Augustine Educational Foundation, we are able to welcome nationally known anti-bullying expert and advocate, Jodee Blanco. Visit her website for more info: JodeeBlanco.com

As schools that reflect God’s love for us, Jodee’s message is essential in our modern, polarized society. This training will be suitable for all HCS personnel who interact with students grades PreK-12*.  Her training will be in three parts:

  1. Jodee relives painful episodes from her past allowing the audience to experience on a visceral level what she endured at the hands of her peers.
  2. What you should never say to a bullied child and why; what you should say and do; how the bully and the victim are flip-sides of the same coin and how to identify and assist both;
  3. Provides specific strategies on how to handle the irate, unreasonable parent who storms into the office, frustrated and unwilling to listen, and begins bullying the school.

Please note the following changes for this year’s event:

  • PLACE:  St. Ann Church, Kaneohe
  • TIME:  The day will last until 2:30pm to accommodate the training
  • BREAK & REFRESHMENTS: Refreshments will be more “substantive” finger foods to sustain everyone until the later dismissal.
  • Because our event is on the First Friday of the month, the chapel will NOT be available for seating as they will have Eucharistic Adoration going concurrently – no one will be allowed in the vestibule as the noise carries right into the chapel.
  • Parking is limited and car-pooling or riding a bus is recommended.
  • *We will provide certificates of participation to the Preschools to meet their DSSH licensure requirements

For more information on the day's arrangements, inquire with your school's head administrator and/or visit www.catholicschoolshawaii.org/2019ACCE.  Also, share your experience at #2019ACCE and #HawaiiCatholicSchools.

The HCS office would like to thank, in advance, this year's planning committee of Brandy Sato (Sacred Hearts Academy), Michael Pa’ekukui (St. Louis), and Chantelle Luarca (Our Lady of Good Counsel) as well as the St. Ann Parish and School community for their support of this event!!

HCS is delighted that 6 schools statewide will also be hosting Jodee Blanco for a follow up visit. Two schools have opened up their presentations to the public, St. Ann School (#247-3092) and Holy Family Catholic Academy (#423-9611). Contact the respective schools for more information.

• Monday, February 4 – St. Catherine, Kauai
• Tuesday, February 5 – St. Ann (Parent Session at 6:30p in the church)
• Wednesday, February 6 – Our Lady of Good Counsel
• Thursday, February 7 – St. John the Baptist
• Friday, February 8 – Holy Family Catholic Academy (6pm)
• Monday, February 11 – Sacred Hearts, Maui

Thanks so much for everyone who has helped to make this event possible including the Augustine Educational Foundation for their generous grant that is subsidizing travel to the neighbor islands.