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St. John the Baptist School Receives "Christmas Gift" from Ascension Parish in San Diego, CA

January 11, 2019

Amanda Mosler

Ms. Amanda Mosler of San Diego, California is a first year teacher at St. John the Baptist School through the PACE program. She has fallen in love with the students and when a couple of her pupils mentioned they may not be able to return to St. John the Baptist School due to financial reasons, their teacher Ms. Mosler, was moved to give testimony at her home parish over the winter break, hoping the parishioners can help. 

What a miracle her testimony has been! Ms. Mosler spoke at all of the masses, gave out copies of Principal Carol Chong’s annual letter, and also put together self-addressed envelopes. As of 1/9/2019 the donations from Ascension Parish in San Diego, CA is over $4,000 with donations still coming in! Principal Chong even received an e-mail on the 8th from one of their parishioners saying he could help. To show their appreciation the Kalihi school is working on sending them a "lei of aloha and gratitude" along with other goodies and thank-you notes.