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Catholic Schools Week 2019 Ends with ACCE at St. Ann Church

February 7, 2019

The Annual Conference of Catholic Educators (ACCE) at St. Ann Church on Friday, February 1st, was the finale of Catholic Schools Week 2019.  Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. This year's theme is, “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.”  

The annual ACCE concludes the collective celebrations at the respective schools for CSW, and this year was one for the books!  The day began with mass, celebrated by Bishop Larry Silva, to a full house of over 700 teachers, administrators, and staff.  Followed by a presentation of Service Awards with 16 honorees celebrating 20 years, 30 years, and 40 years. 

2019 Service Awardees

(Courtesy of the Hawaii Catholic Herald) Pictured top: from left are Jeff Chang, Antoinette Nishida, Heidi McGivern, Gaston Gosselin, Brent Limos and Irish Christian Brother Liam Nolan.

Bottom row from left are Lynda Paishon, Michele Guarino, Carla Castro, Charlene Martin, Jill Sprott and Shana Tong. Not pictured are Nerissa Ramos, Mardi Laprade, James Morris and Elaine Cubi. (HCH photo | Anna Weaver)


St Philomena ELC cheer Ramos


(Courtesy of the Hawaii Catholic Herald) Supporters cheer for 20-year service honoree Nerissa Ramos from St. Philomena Early Learning Center in Salt Lake as she is recognized at the end of the ACCE Mass. (HCH photo | Anna Weaver)


Different from last year’s individual workshop schedule, this year, in partnership with a grant from the Augustine Educational Foundation, we welcomed one speaker to train all of Oahu’s Catholic educators and staff on a prevalent topic, Bullying.  Jodee Blanco, nationally recognized anti-bullying expert and advocate, led her three-part training entitled “It’s Not Just Joking Around…!!!”  Here Jodee relived painful episodes from her past allowing the audience to experience on a visceral level what she endured at the hands of her peers.  Then she shared what you should never say to a bullied child and why; what you should say and do; how the bully and the victim are flip-sides of the same coin and how to identify and assist both.  Lastly, Blanco provides specific strategies on how to handle the irate, unreasonable parent who storms into the office, frustrated and unwilling to listen, and begins bullying the school.  Upon Jodee's return home she will leave with us her follow-up Character Development and Citizenship Curriculum: Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness as Engines for Rigorous Change for our Catholic schools in Hawaii.

Six schools here on Oahu and Maui have invited Jodee to have follow-up presentations with their students and families on their campuses.  Two school presentations are open to the public: 

• Monday, February 4 – St. Catherine, Kauai

• Tuesday, February 5 – St. Ann (Open to the public 6:30p in the church)

• Wednesday, February 6 – Our Lady of Good Counsel

• Thursday, February 7 – St. John the Baptist

• Friday, February 8 – Holy Family Catholic Academy (Open to the public 6pm)

• Monday, February 11 – Sacred Hearts, Maui


Contact the respective schools for more details on the follow-up presentation day’s arrangements.

For more information visit #2019ACCE, #CSW19, www.catholicschoolshawaii.org/2019ACCE and www.jodeeblanco.com.


The HCS office would like to thank Augustine Educational Foundation, this year’s planning committee of Mandy Thronas-Brown (St. Ann School), Chantelle Luarca (Our Lady of Good Counsel School), Michael Pa’ekukui (St. Louis School), and Dr. Brandy Sato (Sacred Hearts Academy), as well as the St. Ann Parish and School community who has helped to make this event possible.