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Vocations Awareness Art Contest Winners

November 8, 2018

"Vocations – Answering God’s Call to Spread the Kingdom of God" was the theme for this year's Vocations Awareness Art Contest. In honor of Vocations Week the Hawaii Catholic Schools office in collaboration with Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Honolulu, Father Rheo Ofalsa, sponsored a Vocations Awareness Art Contest for students in Grades K – 8 attending one of our 33 Catholic schools.  Father Rheo was invited to visit some of our schools to speak about vocations.  Students were then asked to create pieces of art based on what they learned from Father Rheo's presentation. Then, schools conducted their own contests and submitted their top winner for each level to the Hawaii Catholic Schools office for final judging.  Below you will see the top three winners from each of the levels, Kindergarten - 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade, and 6th - 8th grade.  First place received $200, second place received $100, and third place $50.  The first place winners for each level were invited, along with their parents, to receive their award directly from Bishop Larry Silva and Father Rheo.  The original criteria included three levels however, Superintendent Dr. Mike Rockers wanted to include an overall award, the Superintendent's Choice.  With her family present, Dr. Rockers visited St. Ann School to personally award Isabella Linhares her $250 top prize during their morning assembly.  Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the students that participated this year!


The Elements of God by 8th grader Isabella Linhares of St. Ann School


K - 2nd GRADE

1st: Disciples of Jesus Christ by 2nd grader Hanalei Swanson of St. Ann School


2nd:  The Heart of Love by 1st grader Michelle Nguyen of Sacred Hearts School Maui


3rd:  (entry title blank) by 1st grader Carter Yamada of Our Lady of Good Counsel School


3rd – 5th GRADE

1st:  Marriage Life by 4th grader Jackson Fritz of St. Ann School



2nd:  Altar Servers – A Gift to God and to Others by 5th grader Sophia Lafferty of Our Lady of Good Counsel School


3rd:  God’s Calling to Everyone by 5th grader Kevin Guillen of St. John the Baptist Catholic School


6th - 8th GRADE

1st:  Vocations:  Wedding by 6th grader Zarek Safiti of Our Lady of Good Counsel School


2nd:  The Guide by 7th grader Jacqueline Nguyen of Sacred Hearts School Maui


3rd:  Make me a Channel of your Peace by 7th grader Elsa Vazquez of St. John Vianney School