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Kauai Mayor Swoops in to St. Catherine School Twice in a Week

December 7, 2018


Kauai/Ni'ihau Mayor Derek Kawakami graced St. Catherine School Kauai with his presence twice in a week!  Mayor Kawakami joined the school for their PTG's Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, December 2nd.  Not only did he join them but he kindly jumped in the kitchen to help make pancakes.  Fast forward five days later to Friday, December 7th, Mayor Kawakami joins St. Catherine School once more for Career Day.  Also joining them on Career Day were Chef Kai and Robin Lopez, Stylist Emma Garcia, Officer Daniel Oliviera, Counselor Creson Fuji, Mentor Tom Lindsey and Landscape Architect Scott Fiorovich.  Visit St. Catherine School's Facebook and/or Instagram pages to see more pics!  Thank you Mayor Kawakami and all the Career Day guests for taking time out of your busy schedules to be a part of our students’ day(s)!