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Universal Call to Holiness

"Christ is calling each of you to work with him and to take up your responsibilities in order to build the civilization of Love."

Pope Benedict XVI

The Modern Catholic Dictionary defines VOCATION as a call from God to a distinctive state of life, in which the person can reach holiness. The Second Vatican Council made it plain that there is a "Universal call to holiness in the Church." To most of us this means becoming a priest or a nun, but this "Universal Call" really means that all men and women are called to holiness. Jesus calls us as his disciples to a new way of life - the Christian way of life.

Catholics in Hawaii are blessed to have not only Christ's teachings, but the living examples of Saint Damien and Saint Marianne to emulate, and in whose footsteps we are meant to follow. To achieve or even attempt holiness in the modern world can seem futile, and yet the way of attaining holiness and perfection of charity, in general, can be that:

  • We use our strengths and talents as a gift from Christ.
  • We should follow Christ and become like him, seeking the Father's will in all things, the glory of God and the good of our neighbor.
  • We should use our personal gifts and fulfill our duties in the spirit of faith working through love.
  • We should receive all things with faith from the hand of the heavenly Father.

Jesus does not call us as nameless people in a faceless crowd. He calls individually, by name. Each one of us - clergy, religious, layperson, married, single, adult, child - has a personal vocation. God intends each one of us to play a unique role in caring out the divine plan.


Message from Bishop Larry Silva

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus called men and women to be his followers, and he commissioned them to "Go out to all the world." Since Jesus is risen from the dead and is present in his Church, he continues to call men and women to serve him by serving his people as priests, deacons, religious sisters or brothers. There is a great need for those who will teach the faith to our children and youth, who will serve the homeless and hungry, who will visit those in prison, who will announce the Good News of Jesus. These are not just functions, but responses to a call issued by Jesus himself in his love for the Church and the world. May the Holy Spirit guide you as you browse this website and reflect upon how the Lord is calling you to serve him. Your greatest challenge - and your most profound joy - will be to respond to the Lord's call. Open your hearts to Jesus to receive his love, then freely give what you have been so freely given.

God bless you!

Diocesan Prayer for Vocations