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When is Diocesan Youth Day?

Diocesan Youth Day is on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at St. Ann Parish in Kaneohe, Hawaii, OAHU.   

What is Diocesan Youth Day?

On Palm Sunday in 1984, the first international meeting of youth was held in St. Peter’s Square. This started the tradition of world (World Youth Day) and diocesan gatherings. Each year, the Holy Father announces the theme for World Youth Days. Dioceses are invited to celebrate young people locally on the years that there is no international celebration, hence, the creation of our local Diocesan Youth Day (DYD).

Diocesan Youth Day offers young people a vivid experience of faith and communion. The principal objective of this event is to make the person of Jesus the center of the faith and life of every young person so that He may be their constant point of reference and also the inspiration of every initiative and commitment they make in their life – so they can be “Witnesses to Jesus”. 

The schedule includes keynote presentations, breakout sessions, mixers, prayer, liturgy, and a ministry and vocations fair.  We also have a track specifically designed for parents and adults who work with youth.

Diocesan Youth Day is sponsored by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, with funding from the Hawaii Catholic Community Foundation.

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What is this year’s theme?

This year’s Diocesan Youth Day theme is CHOSEN. FEARLESS. SENT.  It comes from Luke 1:30 - “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God”.

In Pope Francis’ message to youth (February 11, 2018) he reminds us that God knows our inmost heart.  “He knows well the challenges we must confront in life, especially when we are faced with the fundamental choices on which depend who we will be and what we will do in this world.”  He invites young people to be “authentic Christians” to ‘name’ their fears and bring them to prayer and discernment.  

Pope Francis also reminds us that there is no reason to be afraid because, as the angel called Mary by name, God also calls each of us by name - we are CHOSEN by Him. It is through this calling by name that our vocation is revealed and we become a unique gift for others.

Pope Francis also reminds us that, as Mary has ‘found favor with God’, so do we.  “We are encouraged to know that we do not have to earn the closeness and help of God…”.  God’s grace is a gift freely given and will always be there to sustain us, even in those moments of fear and doubt.

And, finally, we have to be courageous, FEARLESS, to “carry forward what God asks of us here and now…to embrace the vocation which God reveals to us…” We are SENT “to live out our faith without hiding or diminishing it.”

Who are this year's speakers?

Meet this year's #DYDHawaii Featured Speakers - CLICK HERE!

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