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High School Seniors - Get Connected!

Studies have shown that up to 70% of young Catholics leave the faith in college. This may be overwhelming, but it is certainly not hopeless! Studies have confirmed that college graduates, who have been active in campus ministry, are more likely to attend Mass, to volunteer for leadership roles in parishes, and to consider religious vocations. As part of our pastoral responsibility, we want to support these students as they embark on this next step in their lives.

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is working to implement a High School Outreach Program in our parishes and Catholic high schools with the help of Newman Connection.

Newman Connection is a non-profit organization working with our campus ministries, along with 400 other campuses nationwide. They use a world-class centralized referral system to connect graduating high school students to their Catholic campus ministry, allowing campus ministers to contact their incoming students before they arrive on campus. I am hoping that you will dedicate the necessary time and resources in assisting us in this mission to keep our students connected to the Catholic Church.

We need you to obtain the names of your 2019 high school graduates and where they are going to college. With this information, we will be able to successfully send these students off to their college faith community.

If you are interested, sign-up here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Newman Connection at (866) 815-2034 OR call the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at (808) 203-6763 OR email us

We are excited about our partnership with Newman Connection to help our graduating high school students transition to college life! 



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