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Lay Ecclesial Ministry Training:
Religious Education Catechist

Download one or more of the following to keep track of Theological Foundation and Catechist Specialization courses as they are taken:
Tracking Booklet (Word) Letter-Sized Tracking Packet (PDF) Pocket-Sized Tracking Guide (PDF)
Once all Theological Foundation and Specialization courses are finished, the entire completed booklet should be submitted to your Principal or Ministry Coordinator so they may provide a copy of it to the diocese.

Lay Ecclesial Ministry Training Overview

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Part I: Theological Foundations

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Part II: Specialization - Religious Education Catechists

Course Requirements

Part II outlines the specialization courses for parish religious education catechists.

Other Ministry Specializations:
RCIA Coordinators and Team Members
Hawaii Catholic School Teachers


Course Number and Title

Course Description

Characteristics of Human Development
The National Directory for Catechesis reminds us that “God reveals himself to us gradually and in stages, drawing us ever closer in order to prepare us to welcome the culmination of God’s self-revelation in …Jesus Christ” (NDC 16A).  In understanding the continuous cycle of growth and development that occurs throughout life we are better equipped to partner with parents to engage children in an exciting journey of faith.
Roles of the Catechist
Catechists are more than “content experts”!  We are members of the Church community who have received and responded to a call from God to assist parents in forming their children in faith.  The Roles of the Catechist focuses on our key roles.
Child and Youth Ministry and the Law
Discussion of the essential information concerning civil law and its impact on Church institutions, programs and catechetical personnel.
Methods for Teaching
(Choose One):

Grades 1 and 2

Grades 3 and 4

Grades 5 and 6
Methods courses provide an introduction to the child’s unique learning needs and age-appropriate ways to evangelize and catechize in parish religious education programs.

Methods for students in grades 7 – 12 are provided in Youth Ministry specialization training courses.


Options for Completing the Catechist Specialization Courses 

1.  Parish-Based Training Process

Using the Echoes of Faith booklets published by RCL Benziger, your parish group may complete some of the specialization courses on your own.
Interested? Here are the basics:

  1. Contact the Office of Religious Education to borrow sample copies of the Echoes of Faith catechist certification booklets published by RCL Benziger. These booklets are:
    1. Introduction to the Learner (103)(teaching)
    2. Role of the Catechist (104)(teaching)
    3. Teaching methods for grades 1 – 6 (222, 224, 226)(teaching)
  2. Choose your facilitator and decide on your facilitation process:
    Work with your pastor to identify several qualified facilitators. Each facilitator should have proven success in engaging/facilitating adult learning and completed formal training in the areas of education, catechetics, theology, or diaconal formation, etc.

    The faciliation process can:
    1. Be held in a 3 - 4 hour meeting for each booklet, or
    2. Follow the two-week process using the resource packets listed below.
  3. Order booklets from the RCL Benziger website or the Office of Religious Education.

Resource Packets for Parish-Based Training using Echoes of Faith
(Click on a PDF file below)

103: Characteristics of Human Development

104: Roles of the Catechist

2.  Online Offering: Echoes of Faith - Emmaus Edition

Visit Their Website

Basic Navigation for Learners

Basic Navigation Outline

Implementation Guide for Administrators

Echoes of Faith: Emmaus Edition Tutorial Recording

3.  Online Offering: My Catholic Faith Delivered

Visit Their Website


Ongoing Formation

Faith formation is a life-long process that requires continual participation and engagement.  Ongoing formation may include personal reading, Catholic retreats, pilgrimages, college courses in theology, attending a variety of local and national training sessions or conferences, etc. (Ongoing Formation is indicated by 500-level courses.)


Highly Recommended for Catechists

My Catholic Faith Delivered

  • Theology of the Body for Middle School, High School, Adults/Educators


(Click here for VLCFF informational video.)

  • Catholic Teaching on Chastity, Family Life & Human Sexuality Education
  • Mary in Scripture and Tradition
  • Disabilities in Parish Life


Master Catechist Certification

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