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Diocesan Offices

Diocesan Offices

Office of Pastoral Planning

The Office of Pastoral Planning is dedicated to helping pastors and parish leaders make their parishes even better through planning and leadership development. The Office offers a wide range of resources and support for parishes preparing for their Episcopal Visit, developing their parish pastoral plans and addressing priority issues in support of their plan.

Resources are also available for parishes interested in planning, leadership development training, communication, team building and during pastoral transitions.

A major role of the office is to create/update the Diocesan Pastoral Plan (nee Road Map) every 5 years.

The office also provides support for the Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Pastoral and Finance Councils

Instrumental in helping develop new pastoral councils, the Office of Pastoral Planning provides updated guidelines and ongoing training for existing councils in the areas of pastoral planning, data collection, goal setting, developing evaluation measures and improving relationships with parish staff and ministries.

The office also provides training workshops addressing the areas listed above.


Jim Walsh, Director of Pastoral Planning


St. Stephen Diocesan Center
Phone: 808.203.6700
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Norms for Parish Pastoral Councils (Nov. 2018)

Norms for Parish Finance Councils (May 2013)


Listing of Pastoral Guidelines Resources
A Model for Gifts Discernment
Overview of Pastoral Council Responsibilities
A Process for Selecting New Pastoral Council Members
Orientation for New Pastoral Council Members
A Guide to Revising Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines
Nurturing Council Spirituality
Criteria to Assess Parish Pastoral Council Effectiveness
Diocesan Pastoral Council Nominee’s Application