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Catholic Essentials

Catholic Essentials

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RCIA Ministry Training

For questions, please contact Father Alfred Guerrero, Director, Office of Worship: Email or call 808.585.3342.

Download one or more of the following to keep track of Theological Foundation and RCIA specialization courses as they are taken:
  Tracking Booklet Letter-Sized Tracking Packet  
Note that as you complete each course you should provide documentation of course completion to your pastor or the person who oversees RCIA (DRE, Pastoral Associate). They will sign the booklet for the relevant course after you provide the proof of completion to them. Once all Theological Foundation and Specialization courses are finished, the entire completed booklet should be submitted to your Pastor or RCIA Ministry Leader so they may provide a copy of it to the diocese.

Lay Ecclesial Ministry Training Overview

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Part I: Theological Foundations

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Part II: Specialization - RCIA Coordinators and Team Members

Course Requirements

All RCIA coordinators and team members are asked to take Overview of RCIA.  In addition, you are asked to take EITHER Facilitating Small Groups OR The Task of Catechesis.


Course Number and Title

Course Description

Overview of RCIA
Learn about the four periods and the three ritual steps of the RCIA process.  Learn to distinguish between catechumens and candidates and why this distinction is so important.  Learn about adaptations of RCIA for children as well as year round and lectionary based models for running your RCIA process.
Facilitating Small Groups
At its heart, RCIA is a small group process.  This session prepares you for the task of facilitating small faith sharing groups.  Adult learning styles and the role of relationships for adult faith formation will also be examined.
The Task of Catechesis
Explore the aim of catechesis, the six tasks that make up catechesis and how different learning styles impact the task of catechesis, all discussed within the context of the RCIA process.  


Options for Completing the RCIA Specialization Courses:

1.  Online courses from the Virtual Learning Community in Faith Formation Courses (VLCFF) from University of Dayton
2.  TeamRCIA online webinars with supplemental group discussion materials
3.  STEP Notre Dame Online Courses
4.  Echoes of Faith group discussion booklet, faith formation conferences, parish/vicariate workshops


Ongoing Formation

Faith formation is a life-long process that requires continual participation and engagement.  Ongoing formation may include personal reading, Catholic retreats, pilgrimages, college courses in theology, attending a variety of local and national training sessions or conferences, etc.


Highly Recommended Ongoing Formation Offerings

Complete the third specialization course outlined above.

My Catholic Faith Delivered course entitled "Theology of the Body for Adults/Educators"

VLCFF Courses:

(VLCFF informational video HERE.)

  • Introduction to the Sacraments of Initiation
  • Parish as a Learning Community
  • Vocation, Spirituality and Discipleship of Catechists