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Catholic Living

Intercessions for Life

November 30, 2014 - First Sunday of Advent

For the shepherds of the Church:
That they may support and promote the dignity of each person as they guide all people towards Christ;

We pray to the Lord: 

Bulletin Brief:

“[T]he courage and grace shown by those women who choose life - in the face of fear, uncertainty, parental or partner intimidation, seemingly insurmontable odds - make them today's heroes. They are joined by the many who counsel, support and nurture them both before and after the birth of their child. Such self-giving love...is powerfully transformative of mother, of child, of families, of cultures.”

 —   2013-2014 Respect Life Program (USCCB),
Erika Bachiochi, Esq., "Life Matters: Roe Plus 40"


WORD OF LIFE December 2014:
English   |   Spanish


WORD OF LIFE November 2014:
English   |   Spanish


Join the Bishops' Call to Prayer and Fasting for Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty

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Weekly Intention

May all doctors and medical researchers conduct ethical work that respects the sanctity of each human life.

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