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Catholic Living

Intercessions for Life

August 31st, 2014 - Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

For those working to build a culture of life who are discouraged:
May they be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit
And be given the grace to pick up their cross and continue their good work.

We pray to the Lord: 

Bulletin Brief:

"Although numerous studies in the Netherlands and elsewhere report an assisted-suicide failure rate up to 25%, Oregon has yet to report even one complication in over four years. This failure to report complications has led even euthanasia advocates themselves to call the credibility of Oregon reporting on assisted suicide into question."

 —   Facts About Euthanasia, Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Neteork,


WORD OF LIFE August 2014:
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WORD OF LIFE September 2014:
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Join the Bishops' Call to Prayer and Fasting for Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty

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Weekly Intention

As we celebrate Our Lady's Assumption, may she help us defend religious liberty and human dignity.


In our current domestic fight for religious liberty, including, for example, our struggles against the HHS contraception mandate, we regard certain violations of conscience as transgressions of civil rights. 

But the Church's stance against being forced to provide contraception precedes the protection of rights of conscience in civil law; it lies in the rights given by God. The Church, in witnessing against contraception, defends the glory and dignity of the human body and proclaims the truth about human sexuality

Therefore, the Church, as Mother, speaks to the heart of each and every human person.  May Our Lady help us to witness that in fighting for religious liberty, we are defending the glory and dignity of the human body.

Your prayers matter. Your sacrifices make a difference.  Watch a 90-second video about the Bishop's Call to prayer- and share it with a friend:

Click here to watch the video.