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Bishop's Reflections

  • Bishop's Homily for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    October 21, 2018

    [Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam] If someone applied to serve in the military and told the recruiter, “I don’t do grunt work.  I want to be an officer as soon as possible, and I really don’t like taking orders from anyone,” my suspicion is that the recruiter would send this person out the door and urge him or her to try something else.  Anyone who joins the military knows that there is going to be some sufferin...

  • Bishop's Homily for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    September 16, 2018

    [Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Wahiawa]  Put on a happy face!  That seems to be a popular theme for the world we live in today.  Is something going very wrong in your life?  Just smile it away!  Do you have a terminal illness that you are afraid to suffer through?  Put on a party for your family and closest friends and take a pill to put yourself out of your misery – at least in this world.  Do you have ...

  • Bishop's Homily for the 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    September 09, 2018

    [Kula Catholic Community]  St. James was right.  Sometimes there are people or realities we would just rather not let into our churches.  We welcome affirmations, beautiful surroundings, good music, and friendly people.  They are the ones that make us feel good, with their gold rings of goodness and beauty.  But then there are other things we would prefer to leave outside the door.  The current sex abuse scandal ...

  • Homily for the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    September 02, 2018

    [St. John the Apostle & Evangelist Church, Mililani (with marriage convalidations)]  Our Catholic Church is in one of the greatest storms in its history.  Many clergy, who were trusted by others because they were presumed to be spiritual leaders, have sexually abused minors.  Many bishops, who are presumed to be men of integrity, have covered up the abuse – and some have been abusers themselves.  And now, an Arch...

  • Homily for the 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time

    Bishop Larry Silva
    August 19, 2018

    [St. Ann Church, Waihee (Confirmation); Christ the King Church, Kahului (Spanish Confirmation)] One of my least favorite religious sayings is “What would Jesus do?”  We see WWJD emblazoned on bumper stickers and wrist bands.  My objection is not that we should let the teachings of Jesus guide us in our moral decision.  That is clearly what we should do!  But the question seems to imply, “What would J...

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